About Tall Pine

traveler's notebook with coffee


These leather notebooks are proudly hand crafted in Canada from cow hides that are sourced from a family owned company and tannery in the US. 

The fascination with the traveler's notebook system was born out of a desire to organize the mind, slow down, and keep it all together, while taking a reprieve from the confines of my phone/computer/tablet. I loved the ability to refill the notebook, and the creative license to make it whatever I needed it to be. There's just something so therapeutic about writing... about drawing... about planning - on paper. Let's not forget that a lot of great ideas start with a doodle on a napkin, or a scribble in a notebook.

Why the name "Tall Pine"? Well when I need to slow down and keep it together (mentally, physically, and emotionally), I turn to the great outdoors. Whether it's sitting and writing under the big tall pines that surround the studio, or a walk in the woods, getting outside usually does the trick.

I invite you to embrace the healthy vibes of keeping it together by physically writing things down. I may be a touch biased, but I can't help but think that these charming, rugged notebooks would be a perfect addition to your life, and witness to your adventures.